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Irish singer and multi-instrumentalist Hozier (full name Andrew Hozier-Byrne) made quite a buzz with his 2013 debut single ‘Take Me To Church’. In the piano led soul ballad the singer condemned religion, instead opting to worship his lover. The song reached number two in the Irish charts, and is the opening track on his self-titled debut.

Aside from ‘Take Me To Church’, much of his pre Hozier material was slightly underwhelming in comparison. Fortunately the majority of brand new songs on the album make up for those previously released. ‘Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene’ is a dark, bluesy take on the indie-rock folk popularised by the likes of Ben Howard and Mumford And Sons.

Songs such as ‘To Be Alone’ and ‘From Eden’ have a cleaner, lighter tone but retain the groovy guitar riffs that drive most of the record. Hozier’s songwriting and lyricism is a match for his instrumental ability, demonstrated on ‘Work Song’ as he croons over broodily swelling drums and piano chords.

Hozier is a confident effort which exudes passion throughout. Angst and romance trade blows in equal measure, and importantly the record maintains enough radio friendliness to make Hozier a hit.

3.5 stars

Hozier will be released on October 6th 2014 on Island Records.


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