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After years of underground grafting, EPs and tantalising tasters, Hoodie Allen has finally released his debut album, People Keep Talking. To any Allen addicts, this album will not disappoint.

Hoodie Allen, also known as Steven Adam Markowitz, has finally broken into the mainstream. Countless tour dates, free releases and the abandonment of a job at Google to pursue his dream, People Keep Talking represents a man in ecstasy. After being an online sensation, Allen has finally matured into an artist that seems set to become the next big thing.

The White Boy Rapper harnesses the good times and bad of his journey to fame, and encapsulates these emotions within 14 tracks. A mix of great studio production, varied with house party vibes and clever lyrics, reveal how far the artist has progressed since the days of his first 2012 EP. The album opens with ‘100 Percent of Something’, which establishes the tone of the album, emotional, yet still witty and uplifting. We realise that Hoodie has a message; his heartache has not stopped him from living his life.

From the first 4 minutes, you will realise that this album is the perfect house party playlist or train journey companion. Improvised interludes makes us realise that each song relates to the other, obviously Allen has a message he wants to give to his thousands of fans. The album resonates with previous releases, guaranteeing that his recent success has not changed what he wants to give us. Nevertheless, Allen teams up with Ed Sheeran in ‘All About It’, making a guaranteed tune that will definitely make your head bop, as well as proving that Allen is now a big name in the industry.

A blend of acoustic sensations and moving harmonies are a motif throughout the album, but does not detract from Allen boasting of his party lifestyle. ‘Sirens’ demonstrates the life of a twenty year old who doesn’t want to grow up, and encourages everyone else to live the Peter Pan dream too. With so many potential singles and exciting instrumentals, any track could add the needed seasoning to a BBQ or gathering. However, Allen definitely has not sacrificed his emotional disposition for an album of party tracks! Hoodie speaks of his struggle, working in Burger King, sources of inspiration and regrets within ‘Against me’. Expressive hooks and meaningful piano melodies reassure his audience that he has not abandoned his story telling talent.

People Keep Talking is an impressive album that displays Allen’s progress and ability. However, a true fan may criticize the album for being somewhat repetitive. Whilst the lyrics and tone vary throughout, it seems that Allen has stuck with a single producer and rhythm style. If you play the album in the background, you would be forgiven for thinking that one song was stuck on repeat. Headphones in and with a long journey ahead is how the album is best appreciated. Nevertheless, Allen’s debut album has given up a seductive sample of what is to come.

3.5 stars

People Keep Talking is out now.


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