Review: Febueder – Lilac Lane EP


Febueder may be a name that is unfamiliar to a lot of people, but if they keep creating amazing music, such as that featured in their Lilac Lane EP, then this looks set to change. A mixture of melodic lyrics and natural sounds invite the listener into what feels like an urban, yet tribal world, and it is to great effect.

The EP is full of natural sounds, that are used to create a different sound on each track, with each track still sounding as part of a whole coherent EP. ‘Brazillia’ is a great example of this, with a mixture of drumming and windpipes throughout that gives the feeling that this track would not be out of place in the most popular soul nights around. The drumming follows into ‘Henna Sun’, however this track stands out on the EP for being incredbily addictive to listen to as an easy-listening track. ‘Owing’ has a similar feel to Brazillia, in fact it is is almost a carbon copy, with the first minute being naturalistic before losing some drumming and piping to make way for an extended soul section. Whilst I enjoy the soul feel, this may not be for everyone. The final track, ‘Celebrating Mask’, is the most upbeat song, but still using the same sounds featured in the previous tracks. What is odd about this song is that it feels as though you should be dancing to it, but the unusual rhythm equally seems to discourage this, that the track should just be listened to and enjoyed.

Overall it is a thoroughly enjoyable EP, despite the repetitive soul tracks and the unusual beat in the closing track. Saying that, it is an EP that should be given a chance, especially ‘Brazillia’ which is ready to hit the soul scene.


Lilac Lane is now available on iTunes


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