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Eagles of Death Metal are back with their unique, pure rock n' roll sound we all know and love.

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After a seven year hiatus, Eagles of Death Metal (otherwise known in the now abbreviated term EODM) are back with their signature, garage rock sound. Their fourth album ‘Zipper Down’ is instantly recognisable; even more so erotically-charged than their first three albums have been.

Consisting of 11 tracks – including a dirty cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Save A Prayer’ – Zipper Down weaves it’s way seamlessly through the Californian desert from that its two band mates herald from. High school buddies Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme have an extreme talent in exuding the Californian aesthetic into each record they produce, records in which you can feel the desert heat and their passion radiate through on every track.

Eagles of Death Metal can easily be mistaken as Josh Homme’s side project from his extremely commercially successful alternative rock band Queens of the Stone Age; but EODM is all about Jesse “the Devil” Hughes. Zipper Down exudes the familiar desert rock sound that accompanies QOTSA, but it’s Hughes’ charisma that carries the record on and off stage. A handful of the songs are from Hughes’ solo career himself, under the pseudonym Boots Electric. Songs like ‘Complexity’ and ‘Oh Girl’ can be found on his 2011 release ‘Honkey Kong’.

The album opens hook line and sinker with the track ‘Complexity’, leading you through the fast paced realm of the Californian rockers. It begins to slow four tracks in once it hits the slow (for EODM) ballad of ‘I Love You All The Time’ and through to ‘Skin-Tight Boogie’; a welcome break from the infestation of fast-paced action throughout the first three songs. The pace soon picks up again once the record arrives at a reprise of ‘Got A Woman’, then it’s straight on home to the finish line with a little Duran Duran added in for good measure.

Zipper Down is what you’d expect a Eagles of Death Metal record to be. Pure, dirty, sexy, fierce rock and roll. It recycles the well-known formula of the band, with the instantly recognizable guttural guitars and the hand clap back beat. It’s a record that would sure to be welcomed by the hearts and souls of any outward biker bar in the desert, and to those who dream of road tripping through where Eagles of Death Metal call home.

Zipper Down is out now via Downtown Recordings.


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