Review: Childcare – Made Simple EP

Great start

If this debut EP is anything to go by, Childcare is going to go the mile.

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The ‘golden age’ of indie may be over, but every now and again something comes along to give it a little reprieve. Whether it be dark like Wolf Alice or something with a bit of synth like Blossoms, there is the occasional reminder that indie isn’t dead and buried just yet. It would seem that this time it’s the turn of Childcare, a four-piece full of ideas and oomph, who have announced themselves on the scene with Made Simple, a gritty four-track EP.

Fronted by Ed Cares, a former member of To Kill A King, the band opened up for Bastille on their UK arena tour at the end of 2016. Made Simple is the band’s debut release and opens with the clever ‘Film Club,’ a tale about a boy who goes to see films he doesn’t really like to impress a girl – haven’t we all been there, fellas? – before the candid and quite frank new track ‘Dust,’ which is about how we all die in the end.

What’s most impressive about Made Simple is that it sounds entirely fresh and original. The band balances male and female vocals incredibly well, and each song tells an engaging story. There’s hints of Everything Everything, Foals, and Wolf Alice across the EP, but it’s never too intrusive or obvious. It’s just clever.

The highlight is ‘Kiss?’ at the close, where the male/female vocal balance is demonstrated best. It’s heavy and it’s as close to the perfect indie song as I’ve heard in a while. Childcare are going places, and it’s going to be one hell of a journey.

Made Simple is out now via Lost In The Manor


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