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A complete hit from the Leicester lads.

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You might think that – five albums in – we might have heard all Kasabian has to offer, but For Crying Out Loud makes it feel like we’ve barely scraped the surface. The band has been on a rollercoaster that just keeps going up: after 2014’s 48:13, they headlined Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage. To follow such an amazing release and few years built upon knees-up vibes and a euphoric atmosphere, I’m pleased to say they are yet to disappoint.

Serge Pizzorno admitted to NME that he was going for a more “simple” sound this time around, writing the whole thing within six weeks, and the mid-March release of lead single ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho‘ left confusion regarding the direction the album would take, not quite reaching the anthemic levels of previous leads (‘Club Foot,’ ‘Fire,’ ‘Underdog) however it’s still a charming, easy listen. ‘Ill Ray (The King)’ perhaps would have been a more suitable choice: it embodies the rock and dance elements of the band yet has a fresh sound. The stripped-back guitar and its psychedelic twist screams energy – I can already hear the crowd chanting its “You know my name” refrain at Reading, Leeds, and TRNSMT this summer. ‘The Party Never Ends’ harks right back to Fleetwood Mac days, with the composition creating an amazing atmosphere of someone clinging onto the party despite everything else dying down, yet nevertheless it’s a prime singalongs.

The rarity that is Pizzorno taking on lead vocals is shown on ‘Are You Looking For Action?’ Accompanied by a funky ’80s bassline and synths, it serves as a reminder that you can never accurately call how the album will progress and that Kasabian still has a lot of routes to explore with their music. Its upbeat chorus is impossible to resist – the lyrics are so self-aware that they even admit that you can’t fight the urge to dance along (“Give up or give in or get your flashlight / Everybody pop now to the bassline”).

Overall, For Crying Out Loud is a complete hit with no two portions sounding the same and each carrying their own endearing and movement-inducing qualities that just make you want to move. ‘Ill Ray’ and ‘God Bless This Acid House’ are undoubtedly its highlights, indicating promise that we have plenty more to look forward to from Kasabian in the future.

For Crying Out Loud is out now via Columbia


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