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A perfect display of why there is no band currently more exciting than Pale Waves.

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Pale Waves have released their first EP All The Things I Never Said, and is oozing with finely tuned emo-tinted indie pop goodness that is sure to see the Manchester based band begin to fulfil their mammoth potential.

Arguably one of the most exciting guitar-focused bands in the country, Pale Waves have seen their name dragged straight into the spotlight over the last year or so, and have shown their immediate intentions to take hold of the plectrum and strum their way to indie rock stardom. The past twelve months have seen the four piece go from playing in front of miniscule crowds to joining friends and producers The 1975 on a tour that saw them play in front of 8,000 people at the legendary Madison Square Gardens.

When it comes to the music, Matt Healy and co.’s influence is easily discernible, with All The Things I Never Said’s opening track ‘New Year’s Eve’ dripping in ‘80s inspired synths and a springy bassline that is ubiquitously contrasted by an unshakeable brooding melancholy. It’s hard to isolate just one highpoint on the EP with all four songs being as catchy as fresher’s flu. ‘The Tide’ is an indie-pop anthem in the making, a surreptitious guitar-driven track that is completed with Heather Baron-Gracie serenading us through the chorus “I’ll be the sea honey/ Always, always/ And you’ll be the tide”. ‘My Obsession’ follows suit in its tenacious and upbeat instrumentalism, and is again emotionally vocal, arousing a deep sense of longing that throws us into the hazy aftermaths of a dramatic teenage house party. Finishing on the track ‘Heavenly’ is remarkably poignant; another masterpiece that encapsulates the band’s creativity and succinct simplicity, rounding off the EP in perfect fashion, leaving us ravenous for more.

Whilst the general sound of the band is something quite different to lead singer and guitarist Heather Baron-Gracie and drummer Ciara Doran’s emo aesthetic, hints of the band’s leading ladies’ black eye shadow can be traced through the gothic-romantic lyricism and ethereal melodies that set this band apart from its contemporaries. The conciseness and consistency of the EP proves that this is a band drenched in confidence and maturity, and is an unambiguous signpost to make their fervent intentions to reach the very pinnacle of the music scene crystal clear.

Pale Waves are incontestably a band racing up a steep incline, basking in all the glitz and glamour of the mainstream pop world, and having enough bite to cut it amongst the edgier folk. The band, even in their adolescence, have shown such versatility that you could easily see them supporting Taylor Swift one week, and warming up a crowd for a My Chemical Romance reunion the next. A perfect contradiction. All The Things I Never Said perfectly sums up Pale Waves’ ability, ambition and diversity in one neatly bound package, and on that package is a message scribbled in black nail polish: “We’ve arrived”.

 All The Things I Never Said is out on vinyl now via Dirty Hit


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