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If you love The 1975, like me, you will absolutely adore My Mind Makes Noises!

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Pale Waves have gone from strength to strength each year since they formed in 2014, but really came of age earlier this year with their stellar debut EP All The Things I Never Said. Now, finally, their highly anticipated album drops on September 14th. From the sleek album cover, to their distinct look and sound – everything is there, and you certainly will not be disappointed.

On the first listen, My Mind Makes Noises reminds me of The 1975 – not surprising considering the group helped produce Pale Waves’ earlier tracks and took them on tour when they were just starting out. However, whilst I do worship The 1975, I must say it is refreshing to hear Heather Baron-Gracie’s vocals grace the tracks on this album; it’s lovely to hear the very British accent, which I have only seen captured by the likes of The 1975, Oasis and early Arctic Monkeys – it is distinct.

My Mind Makes Noises is a go-to for hyping up the start of your night during freshers – or any event for that matter! This album has tunes which you can throw down shapes too, but also to sit in a car and have a good cry along with. That’s the bewitching truth about My Mind Makes Noises: there is a song for every mood.

But he track ‘Red’ by far is my favourite on the album. Why, you might ask? Firstly, it feels different to the tracks that come before, with unique guitar riff changes. Likewise, you can appreciate how Baron-Gracie’s vocals compliment the riff, and although you are aware of the build up to the chorus, when it hits, it just makes you feel complete. Quite literally, it sparks excitement within you.

Another gem on this album (well they all are, but these are the extra special ones) is ‘Drive’. This is definitely the epitome of festival/party tune to get you pumped up for going out! It just makes me want to go to a festival. ‘Drive’ is one of those songs that you will hear years later and it will always bring back great memories from festivals or university.

Word of warning: ‘Karl (I Wonder What it’s Like To Die)’ will give you the feels. If you were to end an album and want it to be impactful, this is it. The rawness of the melody and composition really encapsulates the emotion behind the lyrics so much that I even cried at it! The song itself deals with a loss of a loved one and hints at immortalising them in song – it is a melancholy song but still beautiful nonetheless.

It must be noted that this is Pale Waves’ debut album and an incredible piece that they should be proud of. Whilst they are a relatively new band, there is no doubt that they have a long future ahead of them and, along the way, bless us with their music. Moreover, they must make your festival watchlist!

On a final note, Pale Waves are playing the O2 Guildhall Southampton on October 2nd… It is not to be missed!

I’ll see you there!

My Mind Makes Noises is available from September 14th via Dirty Hit.


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