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On their debut album The Faim show why they are a band to watch out for; after the success of their Summer is a Curse EP co-produced by Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots), Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) and Ashton Irwin (5 Seconds of Summer). State of Mind shows off their polished sound displaying a great range of diversity and setting a good starting point for the young band to truly find their sound. The Australian four-piece performed at Reading and Leeds festival this year, proving their star quality with their ability to woo crowds. The Edge gained early access to their debut album State of Mind, which isn’t released until 13 September and here is what to expect.

State of Mind is a killer album featuring a huge variety of different musical styles and tones.  The record starts with ‘Tongue Tied’, a headbanging tune which is sure to warm you up for the emotional roller coaster State of Mind will send you on. It is a great start containing Fall Out Boy influences and powerful vocals. ‘Tongue Tied’ is heavier than the other songs featured on the record, however it showcases all members of The Faim’s musicality and proves they have mastered the act of a legendary instrumental mid-section. Focusing on Stephen Beerken’s (bass), Samuel Tye’s (guitarist) and Linden Marissen’s (drummer) instruments, then Josh Raven’s voice comes soaring through ending the track on a high note.

Before the release of the album The Faim gave fans a sneak-peak into what the new album holds through the song ‘Humans’ which was released late July. Compared to ‘Tongue Tied’, ‘Humans’, takes on a different tone and is much slower starting with a soft plucking acoustic guitar. This song is critically acclaimed and soars with passion through its hooking chorus and emotionally charged lyrics. The band have said this song is about embracing our unique qualities that make up who we are, an important message to spread to their young fans. Another fan favourite featured on State of Mind, the critically claimed ‘pop-rock anthem’ ‘Amelie’ appears on the album. This track is definitely a crowd pleaser as shown by the music video on The Faim’s YouTube channel. Featuring an explosive chorus “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” with pounding drums, making it one of their most intense songs to date. For a band that is about to release their debut album this song is well produced and remarkable for a group that’s only at the beginning of their career.

Though, State of Mind holds some amazing headbanging hits, the best song (in my opinion) is ‘Where the River Runs’. This track is a slow ballad about Josh’s troubled relationship with his father. ‘Where the River Runs’ is beautiful and showcases some of the purest and most honest lyrics I have ever heard. It is truly tear-jerking and is so real, which is hard to find these days. In this track you can hear the emotion behind each word especially at the end of verse three “Now you’re gone I miss you”.

The final track is also the title track, almost emphasising its importance. The introduction starts with “take a seat and let me introduce myself” this is perfect for a debut album and lets the band directly introduce who they are to the listener. The bridge takes a slow twist and prepares us for an explosive end of the record. The drums start to pound preparing us for a killer close – which is present in nearly every single track. It’s an anthemic song with lyrics that strike the heart, for example “I’m envious of anyone with self-esteem”, prove how powerful yet so honest The Faim is. Making this debut album one of the best debuts I have heard this year.

State of Mind shows a diverse range of style and tone, perfect for an upcoming band who are still searching for their sound. This allows listeners to go through a journey with the band, further exemplifying how raw and honest the record is. This album will sure attract listeners and new fans. Each and every song is emotionally charged and full of passion. The Faim is a band everyone should give a listen to because with their recent successes they will be a band making it in the rock world.

Pre-order The Faim’s State of Mind via BMG Rights Management, out 13 September.


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