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The Sherlocks' second album continues the good work of their debut

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The north of England has a tendency to produce some of the most killer indie rock bands with the likes of The Courteeners, Blossoms and The Sherlocks. After the success of their debut album, Live for the Moment, which landed at no.6 in the charts, The Sherlocks have now produced a second album which takes a completely different direction to their previous release. Under Your Sky demonstrates their maturity and growth allowing them to set their place within the indie scene. The band that consists of two sets of brothers, Kiaran (vocals) and Brandon Crook (drums), Andy (bass) and Josh Davidson (guitar) from South Yorkshire has been compared to bands like Arctic Monkeys after the release of their debut album.

Every indie album needs a perfect opener and that is what ‘I Want It All’ is; it’s a cute love song featuring folksy vibes and has an incredibly infectious chorus which you can see a crowd singing and bopping along to. It is an incredibly strong start and shows Kiaran’s vocals.

Three singles from the album have already been released, giving fans a cheeky sneak-peak into what Under Your Sky holds. The lead single ‘NYC (Sing It Loud)’ is an absolute indie banger which conveys universal emotion of falling for someone and has lead singer Kiaran reminiscing about memorable moments with a special someone. This is a common theme throughout the album with all songs seeming to  reflect upon a relationship. Their latest release ‘Waiting’ features a more energetic tone to the album with its soaring guitars, melodic riffs and compelling chorus. It heads in a very similar direction to their previous album which shows while they have evolved they are still willing to stick to their routes.

The title track is probably one of the standouts of the record and much like the amazing opening it is a great close. It takes a much more sombre tone compared to the cheery nature of the other songs. It is also lyrically much deeper showing a whole new side to The Sherlocks.

Under Your Sky definitely sets The Sherlocks’ place in the indie world, however though the songs are catchy and infectious they are quite repetitive with choruses sounding almost identical. However, this can be said for many indie bands. Under Your Sky definitely brings out a more mature side to The Sherlocks showing they are able to grow with their fans. This album is meant to be played for a crowd and luckily enough they have recently announced a UK tour so be sure to check out the album (when it is released) and see them on tour.

Under Your Sky will be out October 4th via Infectious Music.


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