Albums of the Year 2019: #10 Rex Orange County – Pony


It’s always refreshing to hear a fantastic album from an artist so young; at just 21 years old, Rex Orange County is already on his third album and counting with 2019’s Pony which impressed fans with its simplistic catchiness and perfect production.  Having collaborated with artists like Tyler, The Creator, Rex Orange County is quickly becoming one of the most beloved names in indie pop, so it’s no surprise at all that he’s among the top ten albums of the year.

Although Pony is nothing revolutionary, it was highly appreciated by the community of fans who are infatuated with the music of Rex Orange County.  He shows on this record that artists shouldn’t be expected to reinvent themselves and get overly experimental with their new albums to stay relevant and interesting – Pony appeals to the fans who love his typical sound, and in doing this the indie singer has created a space for himself in the music industry without alienating his fans.

The album’s lead singles are real highlights of the record: ’10/10′, ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Pluto Projector’.  The latter is a personal favourite that has stood out for a lot of listeners.   ‘Pluto Projector’ is emotional in its lyrics and expertly produced in its sound, making the song altogether unique and a delightful listen.  It’s a fantastic piece of slow indie, with a relaxed sound that doesn’t compromise on beautiful vocals.

The high expectations set prior to the release of Pony were effortlessly exceeded and demonstrates development and progression from Rex Orange County himself which shows his creative musicality without compromising on his classic sound.  Pony deserves a place on every album list for 2019, and definitely represents some of the best music of the year.

Rex Orange County’s Pony is available via Sony Music Entertainment.


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