On Edge: Anticipating Fontaines D.C.’s A Hero’s Death


Following the release of their debut Dogrel (2019), the Dublin-based post-punk band Fontaines D.C. have had huge success. The album won Album of the Year 2019 from both Rough Trade and BBC 6 Music, with a bunch of listeners discovering all that the band has to offer.

With such a successful debut, it’s difficult to know how the band will possibly follow this up. And it seems the band are aware of this, with the title of their upcoming sophomore album and newest self-titled single from A Hero’s Death outlining the “difficult second album syndrome” which has thwarted the success of numerous artists before.

However, despite the band’s worries, the singles which have been released from A Hero’s Death have proved to be extremely popular. The album’s self-titled single, ‘A Hero’s Death‘, has scored highly on numerous reviews and is played frequently on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music.

Following the self-titled single came ‘I Don’t Belong’. This single is quite different than its predecessor, but just as addictive. Rather than an upbeat amalgamation of loud vocals, guitars and drums, ‘I Don’t Belong’ revels in its somewhat dreary tones and rejects all the energetic aspects of their previous work.

Despite lacking a significant upbeat energy, though, ‘I Don’t Belong’ is a song you can easily listen to on repeat. Its reminiscent of the sounds of Joy Division, and as lead singer Grian Chatten repeats, “I don’t belong to anyone” in the chorus, you will be engulfed in its depressingly relatable glory.

If these two singles are anything to go off, A Hero’s Death is no doubt going to be a success. Its success may not be as spontaneous and unexpected as their debut, but it’ll nonetheless impress fans across the world.

This Irish post-punk band will undoubtedly continue to grow and move from strength to strength from here on out – watch this space.

A Hero’s Death will be released on July 31st via Partisan Records. 


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