Review: James Humphrys – Memory Palace EP; The Perfect Level of Funky Indie-Pop


Consisting of four tracks, Humphrys' newest EP combines elements of pop and indie to create some catchy melodies

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Bristol-based songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist James Humphrys made a name for himself in and around the city with the release of his debut EP Sun Mantra (2017), and his newest EP Memory Palace is likely to expand his horizons even further.

Taking influence from indie bands like Bombay Bicycle Club and Foals in his newest EP, Memory Palace demonstrates what’s to love about upbeat indie-pop tunes. Each track offers something a little different, as they all highlight Humphrys’ multi-instrumentalist talents.

The EP opens with ‘All the Same’, which fits into the most stereotypically pop genre out of the four tracks. Humphrys’ vocals are strong and the melody line is catchy, but the repetitive backing track does become tiresome after a while. This is a shame, and also happens on ‘Colour’, but luckily the vocals and catchy melody lines throughout Memory Palace are enough to look past this small problem.

Humphrys combines elements of pop and indie on each track of the EP, and it’s ‘Better Now’ where this is most effective. As soon as the song opens, it’s instantly catchy and impossible not to tap your feet to. The groovy backing track makes ‘Better Now’ the perfect song to blast out loud on a summer drive, and is definitely the most optimistically upbeat out of them all.

Despite the catchiness of the first three songs, it’s the closing track which is most memorable. ‘Lost in You’ features Bethany Humphries and offers more variety than the others. Humphrys’ vocals open in a slightly deeper range than what can be heard on the rest of the EP, and the harmonies between the two voices in the chorus are gorgeous. Like the other three tracks, ‘Lost in You’ also has a catchy melody that is so easy to remember and sing along to.

If you’re looking for some upbeat and energetic tracks which provide the perfect level of funky indie-pop, Humphrys’ Memory Palace is one to listen to.

Memory Palace is available to listen to now. Check out ‘Colour’ down below.


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