Review: FUR – Facing Home Mixtape; A Band That I Live and Breathe For

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Time and time again FUR break the boundaries and exceed expectations, their most recent masterpiece is, in surprise to no one, a solid 5 stars.

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When the boys of FUR said they were going to make it up to the fans, they really meant it huh? Their new Facing Home Mixtape EP has such immaculate vibes that I only went and added it to every. single. playlist I have and downloaded the EP straight away. After the release of ‘Grow Up’ last month they quickly went from a band I listen to everyday to a band that I eat, sleep and breathe for.

Before I start gushing about how much I’ve fallen for their music I want to address their delivery. If a band gives me early access to the much-anticipated record, a record that hits heights as this one does, they most definitely hold a special place in my heart. In fact, this EP pretty much saved my 2020 from being absolutely dire. The boys of FUR are saints, saviours and retro rock gods and I would happily lay down and die for every single one of them.

The entire EP was written in lead singer Murray’s living room over the lockdown period which makes it even more incredible in my opinion; it’s seamlessly crafted and has a way of transporting you to someplace else. The opening track ’17 to 8′ has an acoustic and grounding ambience that encompasses you and forces you to pay your utmost undivided attention. Murray has one of the most distinct voices I have ever heard; the angelic yet twangy tone to his voice adds another layer to FUR’s music that has only evolved from their past singles. It’s not a FUR record until Murray sings. Sure you can have indie 60/70s bands that create similar-sounding musical arrangements, but the trademark for this Brighton quartet is Murray’s vocals.

As before mentioned the vibes absolutely deliver beyond any expectation, with retro and chill motifs throughout the entire EP. The highlight of this tracklist is ‘Murrary’s Little Cowboy Song’ which, to the band and fans has become an inside joke. I’ve seen countless cowboy face emojis and rightly so. The song, which is actually titled ‘Close The Curtain’, although the latter title would’ve been stellar choice too, exudes jaunty western vibes fitting it firmly in the old-time country genre. Usually, I don’t listen to country music, in fact, I think it’s one of the worst genres out there, (apart from the odd John Denver track) yet FUR have swayed my opinion just this once.

Away from hillbilly cowboy songs, my personal favourite track is ‘Existential Crisis in G Major’ which is an amalgamation of 60s and alt-indie melodies that had me swooning. This track is highly ironic; the idea of having a crisis in a major key at this time seemed bizarre yet genius. If your life is in any type of major key right now you’re not living right. If you’re rooted in the sombre tones of the minor keys then, despite this song including ‘Death’ and ‘The Devil’ it’s a track that shows FUR as talented experimental musicians who incorporate lyrics of trauma and heartbreak; ”you’ll be fine everything will be alright” instilling comfort, almost as if Murray is wrapping his arms around you in a vocal hug (kinda want this to happen in real life, please hit me up Murray and/or any other band members).

Overall, this EP proves that FUR are 100% incapable of making a bad song. Only good indie vibes here. If you haven’t already checked out the four-piece then what the hell are you waiting for? If you want to jazz up your playlist and branch out to more unknown underground bands, with BEAUTIFUL drummers, then FUR are the perfect place to start.

Tickets for FUR’s 2021 Spring tour are available to purchase, with tickets for Southampton’s Heartbreakers and Hackney’s Oslo. 

Facing Home Mixtape is out now via Nice Swan Records. 


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