Energetic Genre-Bending: A Review of Bree Runway’s 2000AND4EVA

Bold and Energetic

Through an energetic exploration of identity, 2000AND4EVA is an exciting delve into Bree Runway's multi-faceted talents.

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Bree Runway‘s new mixtape, 2000AND4EVA, sets her up to be one of the most interesting rising pop stars of late. Armed with an amalgamation of genres and voices, Runway shows us her armory of talents in her latest release.

While diverse in sound and genre, the 2000AND4EVA still manages to be coherent and consistent in quality. On the opening track ‘APESHIT’, Runway channels her inner Missy Elliott into energetic verses that define her futuristic legacy. This song determines the tone for the rest of the album; bold, stylish, and confident.

This confidence and celebration of identity are seen most clearly in ‘ROLLS ROYCE’. This reggae-infused track brings a more low-key side to the album, however still drops some significant lyrics. Runway sings “we in the Rolls and it ain’t rented, when we pull up it’s offensive” on the chorus, bragging about her luxury lifestyle while also observing how seeing people of colour in positions of wealth and luxury can often be a powerful and “offensive” act.

Runway continues to celebrate her luxury lifestyle in ‘ATM’, one of the most explosive tracks on the mixtape. This one gives us the first feature on the record from none other than Runway’s childhood inspiration herself, Missy Elliott. While it may be naive to dismiss Runway as “the new Missy Elliott”, it is clear through both her lyrical delivery and futuristic aesthetic that Elliott has had a large influence on Runway’s music. On ‘ATM’, an old and new icon merge together to form one era-defying track.

The mixtape also embraces some more experimental sides; ‘LITTLE NOKIA’, produced by Finn Keane of EASYFUN, utilizes loud warped bass, heavy guitars, and distorted vocals for the hyper pop effect. This track also appears for a second time at the end of the album with a feature from Rico Nasty, which is short, sweet, and powerful.

2000AND4EVA is a mixtape that pays tribute to the music of the noughties and early 2000s, while also remaining effortlessly in the future of music. Runway’s genre-bending, energetic approach allows for some extremely catchy songs that show off her wide-ranging talents, and will only make listeners more excited for what she might do next.

2000AND4EVA is out now via Universal Music. Watch the video for ‘LITTLE NOKIA’ here:



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