The Edge’s Top Albums of 2020: #9 – Declan McKenna’s ‘Zeros’


22-year-old Declan McKenna has been making huge waves within the alt-pop music scene over the past few years since the release of his debut studio album What Do You Think About the Car? in 2017. From politics to personal relationships, McKenna appears to be able to discuss it all – and with his latest album Zeros, which was released just a few months back, it is clear that his lyricism is growing stronger and stronger.

Zeros received both commercial and critical success upon its release. Its tracklist is a back-to-back compilation of McKenna’s wonderous emotions formed through the melodic tones of his soft voice blended neatly with quirky guitar riffs. It was clear after the release of lead single ‘Beautiful Faces’ that the album was going to be a good one, but when its release date approached and we were handed the incredibly eclectic bangers such as ‘The Key to Life on Earth’ and ‘Rapture’ it was obvious we should’ve expected more from the young singer-songwriter.

In my own review of the album, I summarised Declan McKenna’s latest album as one that “blends his existing indie-pop style with stunning creativity that makes for an exciting listening experience”. His coming together of melodies and more made the album one of the best of the best – deserving the 9th spot on our list in every way.

Zeros is available to listen to now via Sony Music. Check out the music video to the single ‘The Key to Life on Earth’ below. 

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