The Edge’s Top Albums of 2020: #4 – Enter Shikari’s ‘Nothing is True & Everything is Possible’


This year proved an interesting year for bands, but many pushed through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and came out the other side with greater appreciation and acclaim. Enter Shikari were one of these bands, with the release of their sixth studio album Nothing is True & Everything is Possible becoming one of their most successful records to date.

The album boasts heavy-hitting rock tracks, with political lyrics and influences, such as the catchy ‘{The Dreamer’s Hotel}’, the experimental, fast-paced ‘THE GREAT UNKNOWN’ and tuneful ‘satellites**’ which is reminiscent of the style of their previous album The Spark (2017). Nothing is True & Everything is Possible highlights the brilliance of front-man Rou Reynold’s mind and the positive force of music as a way of connecting people and meaning.

Writer Jack Nash reviewed the album upon its release earlier this year, giving it a five-star rating, branding it as “exceptional”. The politics of the album are clear, like the rest of Shikari’s discography, holding the “idea that everything we know is wrong, and now discovering the truth that nobody can be trusted may be harrowing, yet Shikari manages to take the optimistic approach and build a mind-bending utopia in our minds.”

Nothing is True & Everything is Possible shone brightly as one of the top records of the year, holding much promise for the great things to come for the Shikari boys, making it deserved of the 4th spot in our 2020 list!

Nothing is True & Everything is Possible is available to listen to now via SO Recordings. Check out the music video of the single ‘{The Dreamer’s Hotel}’ below. 

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