Daisy Jones & The Six – ‘AURORA’ album review: A joy to listen to


Strong 70s vibes loaded with emotional resonance!

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The book of Daisy Jones & The Six was released in 2019 by author Taylor Jenkins Reid and had its first television installment released on the 3rd of March. The novel follows a band through their tumultuous journey to the top of the charts as well as their eventual downfall. While the novel is written in almost a ‘script-like’ form, the mini-series emulates the form of a documentary with interviews from the members of the band 20 years after their disbandment, intertwined with performances, drama and romance from the 70s.

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The album itself is the album that skyrockets the band to fame within the narrative. With eleven songs, it aims to emulate the sound of popular 70s bands such as Fleetwood Mac, as well as the look on stage. Our lead singers are Sam Claflin as Billy Dunne and Elvis’ granddaughter, Riley Keough, as Daisy Jones herself. The rest of the band consists of Suki Waterhouse as Karen Sirko on keys, Will Harrison as the other Dunne brother, Graham, Sebastian Chacon as Warren Rojas and Josh Whitehouse as Eddie Roundtree.

Whilst a fictional band, it was created to emulate the style of 70s rock music and is particularly successful in how each track depicts the contemporary issues of the band such as: family problems, friendships, struggles with drugs and alcohol, and romance. Whilst lyrically the songs are not the most complex, they have a deep sense of emotional resonance with the audience, especially when combined with the visuals pictured on the tv show. The album can be listened to in isolation (as you will find me doing constantly since its release!) but is really best taken in as a sort of audio-visual experience, combining the visuals, costumes, and acting as well as the ever-important songs.

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Along with the tracks on the album, each episode comes with its own album showcasing which songs of the band are performed in each one, as well as tracks performed by solo members of the band or other characters. This universe that has been created is by no means new. Reid has created a web of interlinking novels set in her own version of the celebrity landscape. It is not surprising, then, that there has been so much music released outside of the show creating a web of its own. One of my favourites from the episode’s album is Daisy’s ballad By Myself featured in the first episode. Whilst the album can easily be critiqued from a technical standpoint, it is a joy to listen to. Many have argued that the songs aren’t good enough to supposedly top the 70s charts and have too much ‘musical-theatre-ness’ about them. However, at the end of the day, this album was created for fans of a television show that at its heart is rooted in musical theatre, so I doubt they have many complaints!

Whilst it may not win any awards for its lyrical skill, AURORA certainly encapsulates the vibe of the 70s and provides a cohesive and emotional soundtrack for the television series

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