Meghan Trainor – ‘Takin It Back’ album review: dropping self-positive mantras like they’re hot

Bubbly and feel-good!

The ultimate album to sing in the mirror!

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Meghan Trainor has been Takin’ it Back to her signature doo-wop sound with her new album, released in October last year. If you’re on any social media, you’ve likely heard it thanks to TikTok star and BFF Chris Olsen, who has fully introduced the singer to the platform and encouraged little snippets of the Takin’ it Back album, accompanied by viral dance routines. And we are thankful to see them celebrated across the internet.

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Meghan’s ethos has always been body positivity, loving yourself, and opening up when it comes to struggles and mental health. Her songs are bright and uplifting, managing to get even pop snobs moving to the beat. This album is no different. In her fifth studio album (under a major label. Only 17, we see you) Meghan has presented songs such as Made You Look, which boosts self-confidence with a catchy mantra. Whereas Don’t I Make it Look Easy has a somewhat serious message disguised in a bubbly tune. Challenging how we view the lives of others, saying that even people that preach self-love and have a perfect highlights reel on social media can struggle.


                                                              ‘You think I live the lavish life, happy life

                                                        But you don’t know I’m up all night

                                                        Worrying ’bout my body type
                                                                                                                                                                                       I wonder if I’m what they likeBut I should just say fuck it, right?’


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Meghan gets vulnerable with songs like Superwoman, Sensitive, Bad For Me (feat. Teddy Swims) and Final Breath. Part of her charm is that she’s able to form lyrics out of personal experiences and feelings in such a pretty way. You can listen to one of Trainor’s more sentimental bops and not feel weighed down by emotion but rather that a struggle you’ve felt has been well articulated.

There’s something very special about having an artist openly share their insecurities and promote such uplifting music, along with the message that they write these melodic mantras to feel more confident themselves. It diminishes the pedestal between celebrities and your average Joe when you see that we’re all human with the same self-doubt. 

Takin’ ItBack by Meghan Trainor, dropping self-positive mantras like they’re hot.

Takin’ It Back is out now via Epic Records. You can listen to ‘Made You Look’ here:



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