Taylor Swift – ‘Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)’ album review: an unmissable update to an album already filled with catchy melodies and bold messages


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In the midst of a historic world tour, Taylor Swift has not only announced the upcoming release of the re-recording of ‘Speak Now’ but has also graced us with an extended version of her most recent album bringing the total number of songs up to 23. As well as the original 13 tracks of Midnights and the 7 songs that appeared with the 3am version released a mere 3 hours after the first album, the latest tracks boast an impressive range of collaborators


The first new track is the only completely new song of the edition with the others all being extended versions of songs already on the album. Hits Different isn’t completely new to Swiftieshowever, having appeared on physical copies of Midnights that were sold at Target from the beginning of the Midnights era. However, this is the song’s debut on streaming platforms and I for one am absolutely loving it. Whilst the original US only physical release of the song angered me as it seemed to slightly alienate the rest of her global audience, the song was arguably worth the wait. With a catchy chorus and just the right amount of un-hinged energy, Hits Different is the perfect summer anthem.

One of the critiques of Swift’s music is often the lack of input her contributing artists appear to have in the final product. This is true of Lana del Ray’s part in Snow on the Beach where she can barely be heard! Miss Swift has however listened to this feedback and has released this version of the beautiful song where Del Ray has a far more substantial part.

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The final addition is Karma and its revamp with rising star Ice Spice. Ice Spice is a 23 year old rapper from the Bronx who is fairly new to the music scene, arriving in 2020. She has since garnered great acclaim through her singles after being promoted by Drake himself. This latest collaboration with Taylor Swift will only launch her music career further.

All in all, both the new tracks and the new remixes have a secured a place in the hearts of pop fans, with catchy melodies and bold messages the album becomes an anthem for female power. The coupling of the dreamy lyrics with Lana and Taylor’s voices as well as the vicious beats laid down by Ice Spice makes for an unmissable album.

Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition) is out now via Republic Records, check out the video for Karma feat. Ice Spice here:



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