Music Video Review: Drake – ‘Hotline Bling’


Drake's highly anticipated video will entertain you no matter what, whether you appreciate it for the production or just for the sake of the memes.

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Drake dropped his highly anticipated music video for ‘Hotline Bling’ on 19th October, which was debuted through Apple Music. It is a minimalistic clip involving phone sex operators and some amusing yet questionable dance moves from Drizzy in Director X’s James Turrell inspired video.

Keeping with the concept of booty calling the clip starts with the assumed phone sex operators who are working in an office, hence the lyric “you used to call me on my cell phone”. Unlike Drake’s hit song from 2013, ‘Started From The Bottom’, he goes against the idea of creating a big budget spectacle for ‘Hotline Bling’. Instead Drake performs in a minimalistic, futuristic, pastel-coloured setting where the lights fade in and out creating a form of mood lighting. This concept may seem abstract and unusual to the viewers to begin with, but after a few watches the video seems to be well suited to the song’s meaning.

However the element of this video that has captured the internet’s attention and that has prompted various memes to be made are Drake’s interesting dance moves; these can be particularly seen towards the end of the video. Whether it is just because of the hilarity of the memes or Drake’s dance moves in general, it would seem that the dancing is more amusing than anything else. In ‘Hotline Bling’, Drake can be seen shimmying, shaking and shuffling along to the music in some form of Latin dance style. It would be fair to say that the memes and vines created about the song have helped to boost the popularity of Drake’s single, even if it was not in the way he originally intended!

Whether ‘Hotline Bling’ goes on to win awards later in the season is yet to be seen, however it is intriguing to see Drake perform in a minimalistic setting instead in a flash, expensive looking video. Even if this clip is only known to some because of the Drake’s dancing memes, it would seem likely that almost anyone can get some form of entertainment out of this video.

Watch the video for ‘Hotline Bling’ below, with the track available to buy now.


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