Kings Of Leon – Radioactive


‘Radioactive’ is the first single from Kings Of Leon’s much awaited fifth album, Come Around Sundown. Although not a complete return to the feisty, raw sound of early albums, the song at least takes a step back from the stadium-filler tracks which filled the band’s last album. It lies somewhere in between the two sounds of the band that were witnessed on Because Of The Times; a blend of that American guitar sound of the southern states mixed with something a bit more sophisticated than just three minutes of chaotic trashy rock. Two reverb-heavy guitar melodies run alongside each other throughout most of the song, coupled with a typically alternative drum beat played on rims. The vocals are constantly   expanding, with Caleb Followill adding his wolf-like wailing in the third verse, immediately followed by an African choir chanting with the band until the end. The cynics who can’t stand hearing the band justifiably maturing in sound may be disappointed with ‘Radioactive’, but for those who have loved all of their work, the track is a great offering from an album set to be huge.


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