Sia – Clap Your Hands


Aussie singer/songwriter Sia has released her fourth studio album entitled We Are Born. Her career has spanned over ten years but has yet to have really taken off internationally. Immediately though she must be credited as the track Clap Your Hands is a good choice as the first single taken from her latest efforts.

Her style is slightly unique as she offers soulful performances helped by a decent singing voice. This creates an element of jazz to enhance what may be seen by many as a generic pop style of song structure, which is simply verses building up to a catchy chorus. However, this song has both good tempo and rhythm. The verses are well paced in order to maintain the listeners’ interest and Sia offers more depth in her chorus than just simply stating the song’s title. This is something other artists really should be picking up on.

Sadly for Sia this track is not an instant hit. Having said that, she grows on the listener. She is definitely worth a listen, and does not even fall into the ‘guilty pleasure’ category of your music library. She is an artist you can easily chill out to, and if you give her a chance, she may well become a personal favourite. Just don’t expect to hear on a big night out.

Released April 13th 2010



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