The Bees – I Really Need Love


‘I Really Need Love’ is the new single from The Bees‘ recently released forth album, Every Step’s a Yes. The multi-instrumental talent of the band from the Isle of Wight really shines through on this feel-good, summer time track. Although summer is now a distant memory, the upbeat feel and sound of the sitar is definitely enough to wash away any autumn blues, inducing a warm feeling, which is matched by the gentle vocals and harmonies that dance through the song.

This track exemplifies a refined sound, which The Bees have perfected with great style. The influence of The Beatles, and in particular George Harrison, is evident not only due to the sitar but because The Bees tap into their psychedelic and hippy vibe that brought them success in the past.

The song is well crafted and gradually builds until the last chorus in which the listener has been well prepared to sing-a-long as it chants ‘I really need love now, I really need love now’, and so on. That said, it is no driving, stadium filler. The subtle drums and use of double bass instead of the conventional bass guitar means the rhythm section doesn’t over shadow the light, floating vibe of the song.

Although it is rather radio-friendly, the simplicity of ‘I Really Need Love’ adds to the charm and enjoyability of the song. It is just that little bit different from what’s out there at the moment yet it is accessible enough to be enjoyed by many.

‘Every Step’s a Yes’ is out now and you can catch The Bees on tour with Paul Weller in November.


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