Fenech Soler: Lies


Here is the third single by Fenech-Soler, four lads from Northamptonshire who have been given great acclaim both here and in the US. Radio One even made the band’s second single, ‘Stop and Stare’, “Record of the Week” earlier this year.

It is sometimes harsh to directly compare bands, or even just elements of them, but sadly, there is one comparison that Fenech-Soler may not be able to escape as far as this track is concerned. The lead singer, Ben Duffy sounds very much like the Hoosiers’ vocalist Irwin Sparkes. This does not ruin the new single, ‘Lies’, but unfortunately makes the song seem very generic.

What really lets this effort down is the lack of real initiative or creativity. The lyrics, and particularly the verses, add no poignancy to what is a very basic rhythm. If anything the song lacks tempo, and when the song offers no real message, you are very aware it’s just all too slow.  Ultimately the chorus becomes annoying rather than catchy. This reflection of mine may seem harsh and scathing, but in all honesty Fenech-Soler really lack any depth with a song that fails to grasp your attention. Let this track go and concentrate on better releases, like the aforementioned ‘Stop and Stare’.


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