Involuntary Grower? The Drums – ‘Me and the Moon’


Following the release of The Drums, their self-titled debut full length, the Brooklyn threesome enjoyed a string of festival appearances, and have supported the likes of Temper Trap and The Maccabees to name but a few. Given this series of accolades, I had high hopes for ‘Me and the Moon’, but unfortunately, this record appears to be somewhat beyond me.

Perhaps I don’t understand this kind of indie-pop. It opens with a pounding drum beat that wouldn’t be out of place on a Phil Collins record (think the Cadbury’s advert with the gorilla), that then gives way to a twinkly melody which although suits the song title down to the ground, just doesn’t make musical sense. And let’s not even go into the vocals (if one can call speaking-come-singing vocals…). There is a small part of me that thinks with enough listens this would grow on me – there are some genuinely lovely moments , (namely when the instrumental kicks in), and the lyrics themselves aren’t terrible, but it’s not a great record by any means. Perhaps one that grows on you involuntarily. Like mould.


Released November 7th


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