The Ting Tings-Hands


It’s been two years since The Ting Tings reached number one with their debut album We Started Nothing and now their back with a new sound and new single ‘Hands’. There are some obvious similarities to the first album such as a strong, thrashy beat from drummer Jules and shouty, fiery choruses coming from singer Katie. However The Ting Tings have now developed more of an electro-pop sound, thanks to the help of Calvin Harris, who mixed the new single. ‘Hands’ has a very catchy, memorable chorus with the chants of “Clap your hands if your working too hard”, which will no doubt stay in your head hours after hearing the song. Although it is very catchy song, lyrically this single is weak. There is not much meaning or imagination behind the lyrics and no words are sung for the first minute and ten seconds which became tedious and boring. Overall, I think The Ting Tings did the right thing by coming back with a brand new sound as they could have easily tried to emulate the sounds of the first award-winning album, but this song is instantly memorable and is an exciting taste of things to come from The Ting Tings.


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