Hurts – ‘Stay’


Mancunian duo Hurts return with the third single from their debut album ‘Happiness’. The song opens on an understated, brooding melody alongside Theo Hutcherson’s quavering vocals, before bursting into a dramatically orchestrated chorus, replete with backing singers urging his partner to stay. The lyrics are simple but effective at evoking his anguish and Hutchcraft’s voice is utterly captivating, even if he sounds worryingly close to tears throughout the tune. However, if you supposed his breakup occurred on a dark, moody London night much as I did, just wait for the video to prove you wrong, where we learn the drama occurs on a post apocalyptic looking beach, with interpretive dancers articulating his pain on a cliff edge. Perhaps just a little melodramatic, but the song itself is brilliant; Hurts are a talented band and I for one can’t wait to hear more from them.



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