Not Shiny Enough: Black Gold’s New Single


Black Gold‘s ‘Shine’ is a passable pop song with a catchy, pretty melody that I can easily picture scoring the background to one of those “walking quickly towards each other after realising they’re meant to be” scenes in a romantic comedy.  The lyrics are meaningless; I have no idea what they’re getting at.  Perhaps a clue can be found on their myspace site, where they claim that “black gold is the feeling when it hits your bloodstream, the unease at five a.m. after staying up all night doing things you regret but will do again and again. black gold is the taste of blinding white, the numbness on your lips and throat.”  Well!  Is this ditty a love ode to cocaine use?  When you consider that Pete Doherty is actually a sex symbol in this country, anything on earth seems possible and more than probable.
‘Shine’ was apparently featured on the dreadful American competition show, So You Think You Can Dance, which I believe may be Black Gold’s number one claim to fame, which, let’s be honest, isn’t all that credible anyway. The song may be easily forgettable and unchallenging radio pop or perhaps a love ode to snorting blow, but putting oneself up against the Brothers Gibb takes a braver man than most would never hope to be and that I will never be, because I’m female.



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