Beady Eye – Bring The Light


After months and months of hype (mainly fuelled by the man himself), Liam Gallagher’s first post-Oasis offering has been released. Lyrically, it is exactly what one would expect from Liam, but the music is closer to 50s rock ’n’ roll than the mix of ‘Lennon and Lydon’, the younger Gallagher’s former blueprint. And it’s… quite good. That’s all. It’s fun and catchy but seems a little lightweight. It flirts with being an exciting comeback but never really fully realises its potential. As this single is not without its merits and is definitely a ‘grower’, it will be interesting to see what Beady Eye produce in future.

6 out of 10

Released 10th November 2010


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  1. Fair, if a tad thin, review. At first listen I thought it sounded like a rough demo, but I am definitely interested to hear what the band produce and to see if “Bring the Light” was just a bad choice for a first single or not.

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