Duffy – Well, Well, Well


On first listen, it’s hard to describe ‘Well, Well, Well’ as anything but highly repetitive and a little annoying. Be warned though: it’s extremely catchy, and you may find it impossible not to let it grow on you.

Duffy’s back after a two year break, and with this track has opted for a lighter, funkier sound, which seems more aimed at getting people tapping their feet along to the beat than anything else.  It’s lively, rhythmic and unashamedly playful. It’s also easier to sing along to than any of her previous hits.

Fans of past material probably won’t be too disappointed as it’s hardly a total departure from debut album Rockferry, but is certainly a change in tone from the majority of the tracks on there, given the 2008 record’s bias towards ballads.

The strength of Duffy’s voice is one thing that cannot be denied, though this track does not showcase it especially well. ‘Well, Well, Well’ is a fun but unsubstantial effort, unlikely to offend anyone, and guaranteed to stick in your head.



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