Kele-On the Lam


‘On the Lam’ is the third single from Kele Okereke’s debut solo album The Boxer. The influence of dance music is clearly seen in some of Bloc Party’s later work so it is unsurprising that Kele is back flying solo with a more dance based sound. ‘On the Lam’ is sure to be found on dance floors around the country with 3 and a half minutes of hard-hitting drum beats under an electro melody with high pitched vocals throughout.  Although the transition to a dance-garage act has been a critical success for the Bloc Party frontman, this single is just a bit too far removed from the Bloc Party days.  Kele’s voice is barely recognisable under all the unnecessary autotune and the song lacks the intensity and indie sound of Bloc Party. Kele Okereke could have easily gone away and made an album resembling the previous successful Bloc Party albums but instead opted for a new sound, one that I’m not too sure paid off. So let’s hope Kele will be returning to his old band very soon and we will get to hear the indie-electro sound we’re all used to.



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