Foals ‘Blue Blood’: their new release has the odds stacked against it…


‘Blue Blood’ is the fourth official release from Foals’ second album, Total Life Forever. Die-hard fans will no doubt appreciate the single, but it lacks the unrefined energy of previous songs, making it likely to fall under the radar. The opening is lullaby-esque with Yannis Phillappakis’ raw vocals echoed over a stripped back melody. The haunting melody does gain momentum, with the track sporadically switching between more typical plucky, up-tempo beats which add much-needed life to the song, yet this is short-lived as it returns once more to the initial melancholy refrain. The lyrics are darker and enigmatically poetic, but the brighter accompaniment mid-way through the song saves this track from becoming too gloomy. However, the constant repetition of a limited range of lyrics over a five-minute long track, can become tedious. The song should be appreciated for its mature instrumental  and its exquisite layering of melody and vocals which earn it its place on the album. However, disappointingly, ‘Blue Blood’ as a single is unlikely to make much of an impact for the band and it looks doubtful that it will attract new fans into the Foals’ fold.



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