The Pierces: You’ll Be Mine EP


Unlike anything in the charts at the moment, the Alabama-born Pierce sisters (Allison and Catherine) have managed to recast a ‘70s hippy/country vibe for a mainstream market, with help from Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman: producer of their forthcoming album and apparent saviour of their previously failing music careers. However a far cry from Coldplay’s recent offerings, (as many will be pleased to hear!) the You’ll Be Mine EP offers a refreshing combination of rustic, ethereal melodies with gritty lyrical sentiment.

Brought up by hippy parents in Alabama and now living in New York, The Pierces’ autobiographical culture clash has heavily influenced their distinctive sound. With fairy-tale inspired lyrics and melodious vocals from two pretty sisters, this record is at risk of becoming sickly sweet; yet, the You’ll Be Mine EP is no Disney soundtrack. It counters a beautiful appearance with a darker underbelly, as swelling choruses and tambourines give way to minor chords and bleaker verses in an uneasy, yet compelling mix. With tracks such as ‘Me and Him’ discussing drugs and bitter break-ups, their mellow vocals are given much more weight.

Streaks of Fleetwood Mac cut across all three tracks on the EP, giving The Pierces a vintage edge, and lashings of acoustic guitar offer a much more organic sound than anything in the current charts. Although they are not yet headline material, these beautiful sisters do write beautiful songs and their hippy spirit will see them right at home when they play Glastonbury in the summer.



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