Is Charlie Sheen Really Winning on his collaboration with Snoop Dogg?


I’m sure we are all aware of Charlie Sheen’s rather public implosion as he indulged in various vices of sex and drugs with pornstars. Particularly is the highly entertaining interview on Good Morning America with the infamous quote of ‘bi-winning’ – whatever that means and his seemingly rational egotistic ideology that he has some superhuman ability to take large quantities of drugs, or to use his own terminology,  “banging 7 gram rocks”.

So with viral success and all this media attention; what next? Make a song with your good pal Snoop Dogg called ‘Winning’. A strange collaboration, or maybe collaboration is too strong, a song featuring, still a little too involved. Okay, Snoop Dogg has made a song that is influenced by Sheen, with a sample of him saying ‘Winning’ in the chorus and even then the word “winning” is auto-tuned. However, the lyrics do heavily reference phrases that Sheen has said himself such as “violent torpedoes” and “tiger blood”.

Moving on, the song is actually okay. It’s a standard laid back Snoop Dogg rap with agreeable melodies but has only become a greater entity due to its context. Out of context, it can only be seen as album filler really. Nevertheless, it has an uplifting presence and perhaps all that matters is winning and getting through life.

Given this, perhaps Charlie Sheen’s antics have all been a clever marketing and PR stunt. The exposure he has received has been astounding. People who didn’t know him before certainly know him now and Sheen is currently touring America with his one man show. This is just speculation of course, but if not it is one ingenious ploy to be successful and good luck to him.

Judge for yourself on whether this song is winning or losing.

Warning: Listening to this song may lead to ‘Winning’. Side effects of winning include: Incoherent and surreal sentences, vacant looks, belief that one is superhuman and an addiction to contraband.

Winning – Judge for yourself


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