Dirty Beaches – Lone Runner’


Dirty Beaches claim the result of a nomadic upbringing and the concept of alienation to be a major musical influence.

Well, alienated is definitely one way to describe how I felt after listening to the faux retro track that is Lone Runner.

Having heard the wannabe hipsters boast previously on various blogs about the emotive intensity of this track, my expectations were high.

But unfortunately my enthusiasm was wasted on a track that is simply a man shouting mumbled, barely decipherable lyrics, against rhetoric looped clapping and a simplistic bassline. The peak of this piece of stretched out noise, is when Alex Zhang Hungtai begins to shout his non-sensical lyrics, until it’s so unbearably loud, that you find yourself wanting to scream, due to the pain of listening to such trash.

The only redeemable feature of this latest offering from Dirty Beaches is that you can turn it off – fast. I’m going to store my copy in a bin, along with Rebecca Black and Justin Beiber.


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  1. Fantastic comment there really intellectual…you must feel so proud.

    I hope you don’t mind but I won’t be holding your opinion in much regard – especially if you think that ‘Lone Runner’ is an amazing track.

    If you think this review is stupid – then why don’t you write your own in response to it?
    Instead of merely whining.

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