Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten


A dance drum beat, a catchy guitar riff and falsetto backing vocals – must be the new Kasabian single.

‘Days Are Forgotten’ pretty much follows in the footsteps of this summer’s top download ‘Switchblade Smiles’. Lyrically, there is the usual psychedelic ramblings we have come to expect from Sergio Pizzorno, including a cursory reference to “chewing on a monkey brain”. The beauty of Kasabian is that their best material always sounds quite dumb on the surface, but underneath lies its complexity. They seem unperturbed by such comments, claiming “You say I’m old hat… how right you are”.

This record is quite good, but if the whole of forthcoming album Velociraptor! sounds like this I think most fans will be disappointed. The B-side, a remix with LL Cool J adding his own verses, really shows off why Kasabian are worth listening to.



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