Washed Out – Amor Fati


‘Amor Fati’ is the newest chill-wave offering by American singer-songwriter Ernest Greene, otherwise known as Washed Out. The song is a slight deviation from the very mellow and pristine album Within and Without, and has just about enough spirit and rhythm, especially in the chorus, to be picked up and noticed as a single.

The song – which literally translates as ‘love of fate’ – has a sweet and subtle tone to it, which is encapsulated by the array of synthesisers and Greene’s hazy lyrics. The essence of an idle summer can be heard in the distant echoes of the drumbeats as well as the calming vocals and claps towards the finale. However, there is something slightly lacking and this is where the airy atmosphere struggles to make a profound impact on the listener.

It’s a perfectly reasonable lo-fi song to listen to, but there’s very little in extra substance and a lack of a defining sound to have you immersed in Greene’s personal paradise.


‘Amor Fati’ is available to download from November 7th.


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