Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out, Words Gone


The mellow band’s next single, ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ is another example of the mix of new and old styles that Bombay Bicycle Club have employed in their album A Different Kind of Fix.

The song starts off with a captivating drum beat and light, soaring background vocals, opening up to create the soft atmosphere that the band are renowned for, but also introducing their use of heavier rock melodies. The song has enough of a presence to be made into a strong single, and along with ‘Shuffle’ it has an entrancing rhythm which shows the band’s progression and maturity on this, their third album.

The song gets increasingly well layered, building in more instrumentals, and the soft atmosphere is maintained throughout through the simple drum beat, minimalist chords and the rotating boy-girl lyrics which work well to complement each other.

This is a core indie-folk song from BBC, who have shown their wide range of abilities while still staying strong in their traditional territory of calm songwriting.

Rating: 8/10

‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ is released as a single on October 17th.


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