Evanescence – What You Want


Amy Lee’s latest attempt at a consistent quintet (more widely known as Evanescence) has peered out of purgatory with their alt-rock return ‘What You Want.’

The pleasing orchestral orgy that their wannabe-goth gathering has found solace in is mostly missing, if not obscured by generic guitar work that is far too potent. Lee’s luscious larynx dances confidently over a familiar rock base with intelligent arrangements, and her piano prowess can hardly be faulted. However, poor production marrs the decorative delicacy which writers Lee and guitarist Terry Balsamo have so skilfully mixed with metal melodies in past efforts.

Difficulty in enjoying Evanescence’s efforts lies in the lingering lack of security that seems to exist in the broken five-piece, but this radio-friendly feast will satisfy fans and rockers alike, if not feminists and unsexed striplings.

Good: A solid rock effort coupled with intelligent instrumentation

Bad: Too generic for some, and poor mixing masks pleasing neo-classical elements


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