Foster the People – Call It What You Want


You know that song ‘Pumped Up Kicks’? Yes, of course you do – that catchy upbeat electro pop song that became one of the songs of the summer. Know who sang it? Probably not.

Foster the People continue their rise with new single ‘Call It What You Want’, building on the unexpected success of aforementioned single.

The single is a fruity nugget of groove, perkiness and disco piano, based around the repetition of the lyrics “Call it what you want”. Aiding the band’s attempt to fill the gap in the ‘psychedelic dance pop’ genre left by MGMT’s departure away from mainstream accessibility, ‘Call It What You Want’ is exactly what you would hope for.

Of course, it’s not another ‘Pumped Up Kicks’, but it’s still four minutes of a good time – indeed, the randomness of the video should show this, consisting of scenes such a goldfish flapping out of water, foreign film subtitling and playing drums in the bath.

Rating: 7/10

Good: Joyful, electro indie pop that should get you dancing

Bad: Not quite as good as ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ or ‘Helena Beat’, and less likely to be heard


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