Beyoncé – Love on Top


Bootylicious soon-to-be mother, and the closest thing to a modern day superwoman, Beyoncé’s fifth installment from her current album 4 packs in a great taste of the 80s, alongside more key changes than your average Eurovision Song Contest.

While the first couple of minutes could have meant that the song easily faded as just another track from a pop album, your attention is snatched from you, as Bee (Beyoncé (Beyoncé Knowles)) attempts, and succeeds at, including four key changes into the remaining half of the song.

The feat is truly comical, but is also incredibly impressive, especially live — just another example of the array of talents this woman possesses. Still, once you get past the key changes, the song has merits in other places too. It comes with a great 80s vibe, full of distorted basslines and finger snapping.

The single isn’t set for release until December 11th, but with the album and music video out already there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying it now.

Rating: 7/10 (plus added points for hilarity)


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  1. There is a ridiculous number of key changes in there, but she is just the best singer in the world…

    I would also like to point out that the video features Beyoncé wearing an array of EXTREMELY sexy outfits. She is my dream woman. I love her.

    But yeah, great song.

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