James Blake – Curbside


I know what you’re thinking. Surely James Blake can’t be releasing more material, having already churned out an album and an EP this year. Clearly the man is something of a music-generating machine, as his latest EP Love What Happened Here is due for release this December. ‘Curbside’, a cut from the EP, was premiered on BBC Radio 1 last night.

To those of you hoping for another ‘Limit to Your Love’, I advise that you stop reading now. ‘Curbside’ is far, far removed from Blake’s recent material, as the track consists of an uncharacteristic hip-hop beat layered with various samples. The only thing recognisable as Blake are the short samples of manipulated vocals, but these are used sparsely, making this much more of a ‘track’ than a ‘song’. That being said, Blake’s adept production abilities and an interesting use of tuned percussion ensure that this is a well-constructed and engaging track.

So, what can we expect from the upcoming EP? Who knows. It’ll make an exciting stocking filler, that’s for sure.


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