Lady Gaga – White Christmas


We normally associate Lady Gaga with thumping beats, a bit of synth and meat dresses. It makes you forget sometimes that she actually has an incredible voice. However, on her take of the festive classic ‘White Christmas’, she allows her voice to take control, sounding raw and natural. There are is no autotune here.

Backed by trumpets and piano, this recording of a live performance has a jazz edge to it, with her voice not sounding unlike Amy Winehouse at her most brilliant. Gaga even adds in her own verse, believing the song to be too short for its beauty – “I’m dreaming of a white snowman/With a carrot nose and charcoal eyes” – and it works. Indeed, it would appear as a good choice for Christmas number one, with an extended monologue justifying this extra verse.

It’s brave taking this song on – with Bing Crosby’s version the best-selling single of all time – but Gaga does it with great success.

Rating: 8/10


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