The Darkness – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us


The Darkness’s first new material since their reformation last year suggests that the band have not tried to develop their sound or delve into other genres, but rather have stuck to their winning formula of simple tongue-in-cheek rock and roll.

The song features catchy guitar riffs in the verses, a singalong chorus and an onslaught of trademark falsetto wails from singer Justin Hawkins throughout. The band have never sounded more like Queen, with the central refrain of ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us’ in the chorus echoing the aforementioned band’s hit song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ with Hawkins sounding like the resurrection of Freddie Mercury. Also present is the welcome return of the band’s signature guitar solos, with the song boasting two great examples of how the guitar should be played.

The song shows that The Darkness are proud of what they are – a rock band – and in this they have created a great song, confidently ticking all the boxes of what a stellar rock and roll track should present to its listener.


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