Maxïmo Park – Hips and Lips


It’s been 3 years since Maxïmo Park have released a single, but ‘Hips and Lips’ does not disappoint. The track takes a more techno approach than their previous efforts, but it’s just as catchy.

This is the first single from their fourth album, The National Health, and it promises a new approach to their sound since their brief hiatus. Lukas Wooller’s keys have been moved into the foreground over a deeper guitar line and Paul Smith is exploring a much lower vocal range then he has done before, but just when you feel the song might lag it all kicks off and the vocals soar.

Although, this is a depart from their previous style the band has done enough to keep the old fans happy. Smith’s lyrics are still as dense and brilliant as ever and they have re-found the energy that so many felt Quicken the Heart was lacking.

The track probably won’t make it into clubs, it’s a little too gritty for that, but it’s surprisingly good to dance to. It’s bound to make you ‘stick out your lips and put your hands on your hips’. All in all it’s a great effort and well worth waiting for.

8/10. ‘Hips and Lips’ is released on June 11th.


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