Katy Perry – Wide Awake


Over the last couple of years, Katy Perry has suffered the same treatment as her nails: All her edges have been taken off and she’s been glossed over in a thick, fake layer of glitter.

When she first started, Katy Perry was full of raw talent and fresh ideas. She was seductive and bold, her gigs weren’t the 6-year-old-princess-parties they are now; they were fun and flirtatious teen parties. No sickly overproduction. Songs like ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and ‘Thinking of You’ were both musically and lyrically brilliant. Sadly, her latest single ‘Wide Awake’ doesn’t live up to her original tracks and she has succumb to clichés and whining about Russell Brand.

With lines like “everything ain’t always what it seems”, Katy will struggle to be anything more than a gimmick for little girls. The only salvation for the single is the music video, which is genuinely mesmerising (although clichés even creep into that!).

If only someone would give her a good shake (removing the glitter she’s dipped herself in) and send her off to a house-party to find inspiration for sexy fun singles we really want!



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