Little Boots – ‘Headphones’


Vicky Hesketh, otherwise known as eclectic solo artist Little Boots has brought out a second single as a taster to her second album, due to be released in the autumn. Unlike previous single ‘Every Night I Say A Prayer’ which has a bouncy electro-pop rhythm, ‘Headphones’ is actually decidedly boring in comparison, resorting to “oohs” and “laas” in attempt to provide a catchy hook, but ultimately this fails.

With a 90s-esque background beat and with lyrics “I wear my headphones at the disco / and nobody has to know”, you know instantly the club audience to which this is trying to appeal. Yet this concept – and the bass effects – feel oddly dated, as we we’ve heard this all before and about ten years ago at that; artists such as Kylie Minogue did this with much more poise and originality.

Perhaps something will click over the next few months but on the basis of Headphones, the follow-up to Hands will be a rather flat affair. The single (with remixes) is available now.



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