Delphic – ‘Good Life’


Indie-dance act Delphic make an eagerly anticipated return after their highly successful 2010 début Acolyte, and while it’s certainly a surprise, new single ‘Good Life’ should also appeal to a much wider audience.

One of several official Olympic songs, ‘Good Life’ is much busier, energetic and the band have truly embraced a range of dance rhythms and production, to make an overwhelmingly simple and catchy song. Whereas parts of Acolyte were somewhat dreamy – arguably boring – the return sees Delphic move out of their comfort zone and expand their sound, and the hectic synth collision towards the end of the track is even reminiscent of production genius Madeon.

It could throw off fans used to a calmer, more subtle Delphic, but the Manchester band continue to innovate and in doing so have created a gem of record. With the additional publicity generated by the inescapable Olympics, it is sure to be discovered by the public. ‘Good Life’ is released on July 23rd.



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