The Joy Formidable – ‘Wolf’s Law’


The Joy Formidable have announced their return with new single ‘Wolf’s Law’. A song of two parts – the beginning is slow, sombre and the use of piano is very articulate. Not The Joy Formidable I remember from their debut album The Big Roar. This change in style from indie rock is promising as it is done without any jarring transition and, most importantly, it sounds really impressive. Contemplative vocals from Ritzy Bryan are the highlight of the first half of ‘Wolf’s Law’ for me.

But for everything the first half of the song offers, the second half offers a lot more. It is dramatic and enticing while also using an addictive and poppy bridge on piano. Like I said, its impressive. As the song moves on it reaches a level on par with bands like Sigur Ros, for the style of song they’ve gone for the use of strings while somewhat predictable is entirely redeemed by the extra depth it adds to the song. It creates a very warm atmosphere that carries you away with the song into a calming fade. An utterly brilliant contribution from the Welsh alt. rock band which gets better with each listen.

The video is in its own right an incredible addition to the music, definitely worth a watch. Also, its available for free download here.



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